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Whether you are relocating one manager with his family or one hundred of employees on a special project

ARTEKASA has the keys to handle all your needs in the research of the best housing solution.

Our Team is made of inspired and skilled people.
Andrea Leo Artekasa
We know what we do and we love our work!

Our Real Estate Agency, partners of the best relocation companies, is skilled in houses research for local and expatriate employees, diplomats and managers.
We offer a wide range of properties ready for occupancy, suitable for the needs of short, medium or long term in cities such as Milan and Novara, on Maggiore Lake and at the Golf Resort in Bogogno.
In addition we provide important information related to daily life as schools, transportation, health services and everything is necessary for a family to live in the new location introducing them to the local culture.

In particular, after receiving a request Artekasa provides:


immediate feedback with a first selection of proposals aligned with the request

further proposals following customer feedback, according to his preferences and expectations

proposals consisting of property descriptive sheets in Italian and English including photos

scheduling visits plan of selected properties

Arteksa relocation services

complete contract support after property choice, specifically:

  • lease proposal predisposition (preliminary agreement between the parties)
  • lease contract writing for residential use including annexes (privacy/anti-laundering for tenant and landlord/building transfer) with reference to fiscal regime selected by the parties
  • lease contract registration and de-registration using on-line system with Agenzia delle Entrate (italian taxes agency)

Artekasa relocation contract support after

support in utilities contracts transfer

Artekasa relocation support in utilities contracts transfer

writing reports on property check-in and check-out in compliance with company policies and procedures

availability after lease contract finalization for every needs house-related either as pertaining to the tenant or to the landlord

full assistance in italian and english


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